"Become a Legend"  

Motivational sports film featuring the Coaches of "Legion" sports Club which opens a series of short motivational films/clips telling visual Stories of local Athletes.

Credits: Idea, Directed, Edited by  Stanislav Solntsev. Music @silvermansound. CC by Victor Vysotsky. 

"Fight like a Brave" - motivational sports film 

"Blood Moon" -music video for Rontaru single

"Trust Your Instinct" - promo automotive film

"Energy Flow" - motivational sports film 

"Ray of Hope" - social short documentary

A compelling true story of Chechnya civil war retired colonel who is trying to find his way in ordinary life. Help comes from Government program specifically developed for retired military officers.

Credits: Script, Directing, Production by Stanislav Solntsev. Music @silvermansound. CC by Victor Vysotsky

"Breathe Move Feel" - travel vibe short

"Cougar Color Spree - commercial lifestyle campaign for Cougar Clothing shot in UAE. TheStorm Productions

OLV commercial (series) interviewing Russian Celebrity Fashion Designer Valentin Yudashkin for Russian Design District's new ambitious development Project

"To the Light" short festival feature

A talented young Composer rescues homeless dog but loses his wife and home in an accident on the same day. Left on the edge of the abyss with his broken violin and loyal dog who lead him to the Light of Life.


Script / Director - Stanislav Solntsev. DOP - Vladimir Pixanov. Producers - Stanislav Solntsev, Anton Yarosh, Katya Prilepskaya @Amatis production. Music - Vladimir Dod & Shane Ivers. Cast - Ram Faustov & Marina Yagoda.

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